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    My friend helped me out with my problem, and posted the solution on his blog. Here is his solution:


    I'm no codemonkey, but I have a friend that is.

    Recently he installed the Mojo SDK (WebOS) and had trouble with novacom not connecting, claiming the service isn't running when it is and you've verified that it is listening on 5022 after the emulator starts.

    Hitting ignore lets the emulator load, but you will not be able to connect to upload your app.

    The problem, in this case, lies with localhost resolution.
    If you ping localhost and it resolves to something other than, likely because ipv6 is installed, you must edit your c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file and make sure it contains a line such as: localhost

    Comment out any other lines referring to localhost OR by putting a # at the beginning, ie:

    # (You know who you are)
    #::1 localhost (this is the IPV6 addy)

    May google help you find this info, amen.


    This ended up helping me and solving all the problems I was having. Hope this is beneficial to some of you all as well.
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    Has anyone found this post useful?

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