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    yup. thats why we need a program to make it easy
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    Does anyone know if this has been fixed by Palm (in the SDK) for 1.3.1? If so, could someone PLEASE make this app? Not to mention, with only a bit more work, you could probably totally knock GroupE out of the games for emails as well ... if you just made the number of contacts per group up to the user instead of a pre-defined amount. Please?
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    Will pay for app or donate for homebrew or script.
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    ...<bump> ....
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    We first need categories for contacts.. So then we can text a to the categories/groups needed. Ill pay $100 to contribute to the job
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    Quote Originally Posted by ronniebrasco View Post
    We first need categories for contacts.. So then we can text a to the categories/groups needed. Ill pay $100 to contribute to the job
    I opened a request to make a Category field for that purpose.

    I hope someone can assist with this.
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    been wanting this since the phone came out.
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    these are the little things that make palm lose to these other phones
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    Quote Originally Posted by alex.dobeck View Post
    I thank god I've never given my number to people like you.
    There is no reason to mass text with the other technologies out there, especially because most people put alerts to their messages.
    If you want to talk to hundreds of people, email, or use Facebook, something were people can simply hide or block you without feeling like they might miss something.

    The only thing that couldn't be done through twitter or publicly on Community sites would be invites, but mass invites are almost as rude as text message breakups.

    So, in conclusion, Please let all mobile providers disable being able to send texts to more than 10 people.
    I am a club promoter from Southern California. People routinely ask me to give them updates on my events via text message. This has been a very hard thing to do with the Pre because I have over 1000 of these contacts in my phone. With my Instinct, I used the Contacts Sync Page to send via the web, but with the Pre it takes me 5+ Hours to manually text everyone. Thanks to this and other forums I found a way to look up all my phone numbers and their gateways to use email to SMS to text everyone. I find this very impersonable and generic. Occasionally Ill take a few hours and text everyone manually just so they know its not a computer sending out random texts.

    I desperately need a mass texting app or function on the Pre to send out 1000+ Texts Every Week. It isnt spam. These are opt-in requests. I would greatly appreciate the help and will generously donate if anyone is able to do this. Otherwise, Blackberry here I come...
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    Sorry to hear about your dad.. hope all works out well
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    We need this, like ASAP!!
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    I Will Also Donate If This App Is Made Cause I Also Work With Over 500 Employee's amd it sucks that i cant text everyone at onces please make this my christmas Gift.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ronniebrasco View Post
    No fool.. we are talking about mass text messaging. Sending to hundreds of people. That the 10 people crap the pre offers.

    "Mass Text Messaging"

    The people replying in this forum, know what im talking about. We are not newbies.
    Quote Originally Posted by ronniebrasco View Post
    nah. screw you. we need mass texting. it doesnt have to be about spamming.
    Thats why this is a private app request. We are not asking Palm to make it apart of the webos system. Im not asking for this to be a free app. Im willing to pay for it for my own private use. And dont worry your number wont be in my phone book. So what do you have to worry about..

    A couple members didn't quite know how to take your posts here.
    Hopefully you were just using slang/jest, and didn't intend to call someone a fool, or say 'screw you.'
    I would recommend that you only use that speech with people you've built a rapport with. Otherwise you're taking liberties with others that you may not have earned - it's a little disrespectful.

    Just call me Berd.
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    As much as I am ready to throw my Pre down for a Hero or something in the future, Ill stick with it. Mass texts is something that should have already been installed and not the 10 limit set. I dont understand how a company that has been in the game so long could forget some of the basic programs on a phone. I will hold out for the Pre 2, but if Palm doesnt come out strong with that phone and fix and add some of the programs people have begged for, im done. Love the Pre but its a love hate things going on!!!!
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    I just did my research on the possibilities of getting group messaging on the pre, and here's what I came up with:
    The API doesn't support any possible way of populating the contact field with more than one number, meaning an app can't tell the messaging app to send to a group.

    The only possibility that I can think of is to write an app where you save your groups, and then when you compose a message and hit send, it would launch messaging with your message and address it to ONE contact. You have to manually hit Send, then a notification on the bottom would allow you to tap and proceed to the next contact, hit send, go to next, hit send, etc. The message would be pre-populated but there would be only one number at a time, and would require 2 taps per contact.

    The other option would be to patch the messaging app itself to support saving a contact group, and it would be a free patch because it's homebrew, meaning there's less incentive to write the patch in the first place (no $).

    I also found out that Palm is concerned with two things: Spam over sms, and Carrier charges, some of which charge Per Recipient, not Per Text. I don't know if these are good enough reasons, but that's their explanation.

    For what it's worth, the iPhone 1st Gen didn't even allow you to enter more than one contact per text message for the first few months, and our Pre already allows manual entry of dozens of contacts. And the iPhone still doesn't have native support for group messaging, it's a third-party thing I believe.
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    Does anyone know if the "Group Text Messaging" app from Treo 755p works in Classic for the Pre
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    I got 5 on it!! Lol.. Maybe 10!
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    in changes in 1.3.5 to allow group messaging?
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    I just ordered my Pre today. Coming from a Blackberry where group messaging is so easy I have been looking for any type of app for the Pre. Just came across Mail List on the Palm software site. Anyone used this yet? Should have my phone this weekend and will give it a try.
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