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    nah. screw you. we need mass texting. it doesnt have to be about spamming.
    Thats why this is a private app request. We are not asking Palm to make it apart of the webos system. Im not asking for this to be a free app. Im willing to pay for it for my own private use. And dont worry your number wont be in my phone book. So what do you have to worry about..

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    Hehe ... he said "m***" ...

    Edit: and this just became not so funny now that the profanity filter is turned off and is no longer blanking the word "mass"
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    I feel like the real issue here is contact grouping. Once that is implemented, group sms'ing would be really really simple.

    Gmail allows for contact grouping, and getting these groups can't be any harder than pulling the rest of the information off gmail. It's just a matter of adding the field and adding some stuff to the contacts app that allows for special functions to each group.
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    I will be working on this program to group contacts only thing there is a bump in the road with palms api, they dont allow to add multiple contacts to the sms using the api. soon as they fix this i will have an app ready for you guys.
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    What you can do is develop a program that pulls the contacts into a group. Then then program sends the text to 10 numbers at a time at a fast rate..

    Thats all we really need. Most of the group texting programs work that way anyway, and takes a while before all the text messages to be fully sent.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ronniebrasco View Post
    What you can do is develop a program that pulls the contacts into a group. Then then program sends the text to 10 numbers at a time at a fast rate..

    Thats all we really need. Most of the group texting programs work that way anyway, and takes a while before all the text messages to be fully sent.
    Thats what the program was going to do but palm api limits to populate only one number into to the TO: at a time which means you would have to click send then another card opens with one more and you click send and then over and over which isnt ideal. seeing that palm doesn't let developer auto send the messages, which wouldnt have been a problem
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    This seems doable now.
    If recipient = contact group
    Enumerate members of the group
    Begin loop
    send message to member
    if member = last in list then "continue"
    start loop again
    Clean up "sent items"
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    I would love the ability to send to a group, I have however sent a mass text to over 30 people at once without any issues other than I had to add all the names one by one.
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    bclancy, alex.dobeck,

    obviously you two work in offices, and have access to email on your phone. Obviously, you two also don't seem to know anyone that is struggling economically. It is a shame that you have such a limited view of the world.

    For those that are on the lower end of the economic scale, or who happen to not work in offices, gaining regular access (as in multiple times a day) to a computer can be a challenge. However, most people do have cell phones. In fact, many people that are struggling to make ends meet (and are younger) only have cell phones.
    Attempting to help them often requires thinking outside of the box. There are also many times that the best way to contact them is via a text message. For example, let's take a very simple possible problem: Let's say there is a softball team that plays on the weekends. Let's say that it is the night before the game, and something went wrong with the reservation with the field the game was supposed to be at. It was just discovered that the game is going to be across town, at a different field.
    The best way to quickly contact all other members of the team would be to simply send out a quick text message to everyone on the team. Quick and easy, right? Not currently. Also, let's say the game was then moved from Saturday morning, to Sunday afternoon. Another quick text message could let the team know as well. It's late, say around 11:30 pm on friday, and the game was supposed to start at 8 am. Most of the members on the team would probably not check their email before leaving for the game. However, if they woke up in the morning to find a text message letting them know that the game's time and location had been changed, it would make life better for them, and easier on the person that had to send it out.
    That is all that we are asking for - nothing about spamming people. The idea that someone would use a phone to send out spamming texts is ridiculous. Especially if you are required to set up the group before hand.
    Just because you see no use for this app and are threatened by something that you obviously cannot identify with does not mean that others could not use it - do not need it.
    It also appears that you have no concept of consideration for those less fortunate than you, as you quickly started poking fun at a very serious issue (for some of us) and didn't even bother to read the post directly above yours.
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    The simple fact of the matter (and what I think Quold was trying to say without all of the nonsense about economic scales of society), is that everyone carries their cell phone with them.

    It's an instant, easy way to broadcast a message to however many people you want in a short timeframe. Not everybody checks their email regularly, but getting a text-message is instant, provided the person on the receiving end has their phone with them...
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    +1 for Group messaging so i can send text to our district w/out entering in 1 by 1 willing to pay $5 for it
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    I'll donate $100
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    This feature was on my first cell phone 8 years ago. For each contact, you specify which groups they are a member of. Then, if you choose a group as the text message recipient, a copy of the text is sent to each member of the group. Simple, convenient. Why in the world it's not on the Pre is beyond me. It wasn't on the Instinct either.

    I personally don't want to send out 100 texts at once. I just would like to be able to create a group called "Kids" and put my 3 kids in that group so I can text them all at once without having to add each kid to the text message manually. So, this is not a request to be able to send to LARGE groups. Even small groups would be nice. We just want groups. Period.

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    WE ALREADY HAVE "mass" texting....

    NOT "HP webOS"!!!
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    where is then?
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    Did you figure this out yet?
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    Not sure if this is what your talkin bout and if i'm wrong then I apologize up front. I downloaded text message forwarding, then i compose a message tap on the message to forward it, I choose who I want to forward it to then bam!!! You could create a contact with multiple numbers and they all get the text. Hope i didnt make a *** of myself.
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    lol your not a a**. you can already foward messages to 10 people on the Palm Pre or any basic phone.

    What we are looking for is to send a text blast to a larger group of people without having to pull them up one by one. To be able to send to a Group of contacts. Like you can create a group called 'Basketball Team'. So whenever you want to text the whole team you just text to that particular group.

    Its a shame that the Blackberry does this by nature. And IPhone and Android have plugins for that feature. Palm Pre needs the basic functionality included with the old Treo. They forgot where they came from
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    I just entered 25 #s to a contact and had no prob could have entered more but got bored, seems like it would work, not sure for 2 hundred
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