I'm working on the PreFlight app and trying to save some data in a Depot.

The problem that I'm having is with the following code:
new Mojo.Depot({name:"anyname"},function(){Mojo.Controller.errorDialog("PASS");},function(msg){Mojo.Controller.errorDialog("FAIL:"+msg);});
At some times, it PASSes. Other times, it fails with a "FAIL:Cannot call method 'transaction' of null" result. Once it fails, it never works again until I either delete/reinstall the app or change the AppID!

Since I can't get a handle to the Depot, I can't even do a removeAll or such to try to flush it.

The "Databases" table in /var/home/root/html5-databases/Databases.db doesn't have an appropriate entry (though it does have entries for my "ext:" unrelated databases).

/var/home/root/html5-databases/file_.var.usr.palm.applications.com.ansonworks.preflight-debug_0 was created when I changed my AppID for testing, but there is no entry for the non-debug version.

I just tried making it an external Depot (ie name: "ext:anyname"), and that seems to work. If an app uses 1 external database, perhaps all of it's databases (and Depots by extension) have to be external?

Google and forum searching hasn't come up with any useful answers - has anyone else seen this?