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    Emailed them to see if they had any plans for palm they said no.

    Any way to create something for the pre to use their site? Just simple/cleaner for the pre?

    I didnt try to use the site on the pre yet, just from the computer.. so not sure if it will work or not from the pre browser (guessing it will though) but having a simple interface would be nice!

    free users can make 2 min calls for free. long enough to scrwe around with ppl! lol
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    These companies that flat out say no bug me. I hope they get left in the dust. An app like this would be very simple to make. ugh....
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    If someone here could please make this, ID LOVE YOU.

    lol, please.
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    The emulator can do this natively via the console. I tried it on an actual Pre and got
    ** Message: serviceResponse Handling: 2, {"serviceName":"com.palm.pmradiosimulator","returnValue":false,"errorCode":-1,"errorText":"com.palm.pmradiosimulator is not running."}
    Maybe someone could try to copy this service from the emulator to the Pre.
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    yep, dont know what that means, lol.. but maybe someone does adn can!! lol

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