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    OK I am in a slight bind and I was hoping someone here could help....

    My beloved Pre is finally having hardware issues. First my power Volume button went completely ape **** on me and was stuck in the down position finally after a little smack it was repaired but now the power button is non responsive. My fear is that if I turn it off I wont be able to turn it back on So after calling and arguing with sprint there finally sending a replacement for 100 bux (load of crap if I ever heard one but I guess it beats paying full price).

    My question is I would like to back up EVERYTHING quickly and easily including all the modifications I made like changing the carrier string, camera settings etc..... Is there a quick easy way to to back this all up via command code or a simple app or am I pretty much screwed having to root my new phone and doing everything from scratch?? I know Palm backups the numbers and calendar entries which takes care of that and I can snag the pics and music via usb but my main concern is all my apps settings tools etc.....

    Thanks in advance for any advise.
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    I use synctoy and it backs up everything.
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    Quote Originally Posted by remmysmom View Post
    I use synctoy and it backs up everything.
    Does it? I thought it only backed up visible folders. There is a sticky thread that says Sync toy does NOT backup homebrew apps, app data, launcher settings, etc.

    If this is so, then I cant wait till I get home because I had to do a partial erase to get my keyboard to work again and all of my homebrew apps, app settings (especially SplashID's data), and launcher prefs are GONE!
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    I hope it does the trick I refuse to reenter all my splash ID info again!!!

    I installed in on my laptop and Im going to give it a whirl as soon as I get home too. From peeking it looks like its pulling hidden files too and I see my checkbook files in there and other items I dont normally see on USB??? Hopefully this works.
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    please let the forum know the answer.....I am also interested in getting a better backup. I am not thrilled with companionlink
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    i was just thinking about taking mine to sprint and likely getting a replacement...... but i want to back up everything.

    however, if i don't back up everything... my contacts will be backed up and restored OTA and i can copy all of my photos/songs/etc to my computer.... so all i'd really be losing are homebrew apps and patches right?

    i guess not that big of a deal... rerooting will be a pain but not too bad and thanks to quickinstall/filecoaster... i'll be okay....
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    so all i'd really be losing are homebrew apps and patches right?
    yeah its not huge but any little thing to save time for me. I got home super late last night so im going to try it tonight hopfully Ill keep everyone in the loop
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    THIS SUX!!!!! NO DICE GUYS Only thing it transferred over was all the USB files no apps no patches nothing

    Ughhh This stinks Guess i gotta re download everything from scratch

    Not only that but im having a even more deep rooted issue for some reason my palm profile contacts did not all copy over???

    So back to square 1 any ideas anyone i rooted my phone i there a way to copy contacts and patches etc and copy to the new phone???
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