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    I would love to see this come to webOS, a tv guide on the pre with the ability to add shows to the calendar or set up reminders so you don't miss your favorite shows

    Any skilled developer up for the challenge? (ps. Please have puerto rico cities in the city search for listings please)
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    That would be a nice app! In the mean time there is a mobile tvguide portal you can use:
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    This would be cool, but it would have to go by cable provider (or satellite) and zip code.

    Would be tough but do able.

    Love the idea to add to calender. I missed Hell's Kitchen yesterday >
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    I hope someone takes this on
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    me too!
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    I'm working on an xmltv viewer if that helps calm you guys down. If you want a generic TV Guide app that doesn't use xmltv and uses live online data, you'll have to find someone else though
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    I would pay for an app where I can customize my guide based on my fav shows so I can see what channel and when they air.
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    I was just thinking about this the other day.

    Maybe something like

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