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    Hey everybody, I do realize that Sprint does show the used data on website.

    BUT, here is the deal: I'm not on Sprint, and as the GSM Pres will launch soon, they will be available on any network. Most networks won't show you your data traffic online.

    I'd like to request a data usage counter app because:

    - I do not live in America, nor will I get Sprint coverage
    - Here in Germany, most carriers will cut your 3g bandwidth after a certain amount of traffic, i.e. 200 MB.
    - Most of the people do not have an unlimited data plan as they are still expensive. Since the Pre is always connected to the internet, it would be useful to see how much data has been transferred during a specific time period.
    -The Pre will not be bundled to an exclusive data plan on O2 Germany, but you will have the same choice of data plans etc. like all other phones.

    Even my old Sony Ericsson dumbphone has a data counter app I'd really appreciate if somebody could dig into this issue and maybe create a data counter.

    Requested features:

    Count total data usage
    count cellular data usage
    count WiFi data usage

    optional: count SMS and minutes usage

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    Anyu updates on this? Maybe it will be a 1.3 feature?
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    It shouldn't be much more than an SQL query although I will admit that would be very hard for me, since I am clueless about SQL Quering.

    But there is a patch that already puts a time stamp and call duration on every call. So SUMing all of those should give you a rough estimate of your minutes used.
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    It tracks my iPhone minute usage. I don't have give it my personal account name & password. Works without the network access.

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