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    I followed the instructions for adding a Virtual Disk to the emulator (8gig), but it seems that whatever I install, cp, the OS thinks I have zero disk space.

    Filesystem 1k-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
    rootfs 402949 385764 0 100% /

    I do not fully understand Virtualbox, and how it "fakes" out the rootfs into thinking it has more space than it actually does.

    Hard Disks
    IDE Primary Master:

    palm_emulator_sdk_62-1.vmdk (Normal, 500.00 MB)
    IDE Primary Slave:

    Palm Dynamic Sized Emulator.vdi (Normal, 8.00 GB)

    Is there a trick after you go through the setup in VirtualBox to get the space in the emulator?
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    I'm still trying to figure it out, too - here is a post I put on a while back, and haven't got a response to it yet. Hopefully somebody with some Linux savvy will come along and help us both out!


    I have a Vista 64 machine. I have

    - SDK (Palm Mojo) 1.1.0
    - Virtualbox 3.0.2
    - Java 6.7
    - I THINK I have jdk-6u14-windows-x64 downloaded, but don't know if it ever opened.

    When I click on Virtualbox (Hard disk Palm Pre.vdi, CD/DVD grub iso) I get ERROR 5: Partition table invalid or corrupt. Press any key" When I press a key, I get a LINUX line highlighted, which when entered gives me the same error message.

    When I try to run Palm Emulator, I either get a quick CMD box flash on and disappear, or when I enter it from the CMD directly (program files (x86)/palm/sdk/bin/palm-emulator), I get

    'java' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file".

    Any ideas?
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    My emulator runs fine, my problem is with disk space. Your issue seems unrelated....

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