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    One of the cool features of what seems like EVERY other phone in the market, is the "Canned Messages" or "Quick-Text" function for SMS. Commonly used messages that you don't need to type over and over again, like: "Meet me at" and then fill in the blank. For whatever reason, this isn't in the Palm Pre. To workaround this, I created a list of short code letters and have them associated with my Canned Messages.

    For example, typing:

    mma will auto-correct to: Meet me at
    iout will auto-correct to: I'm outside
    wru will auto-correct to: Where are you?

    These things can be added to the auto-correct dictionary that's in the wiki:

    Patch webOS Add Words to AutoCorrect Dictionary - WebOS Internals

    Just thought I'd pass it along, since there are numerous things I miss about my Treo 700p, but we're lucky to be able to access this awesome device and customize it to our needs! Please pass along any other tips you may have for something like this.
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    yeah, i just added those using rhongs auto correct application.
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    It's a great idea, but I use AutoCorrect Edit for this and it also allows you to backup your edits and changes. I also searched Google for common text acronym so that I can add the phrases that are most common w/o having to wait until I needed the phrase.

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