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    I have wanted this on my Treos for years and now it's a breeze to do with the Pre and webOS Quick Install.

    It did not come out nearly as good as I'd hoped and, hence, I'm calling it a Work In Progress. I'm on vacation and Illustrator and Photoshop won't install on my netbook due to its 1024 x 600 screen. I've tried to make due with GIMP, which, I think, is an appropriately named piece of software. The Star Wars-feel was unexpected and will be worked out.

    The word is not in all caps, as it is in the text of The Hitchhiker's Trilogy, because I figured a typeface similar to the Palm logo would be the most "friendly."

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    I think I love you.

    I used to have the old Hitchhiker's logo and Hackmaster (remember that?) on my old Palm V for years. This is great
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