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    searched and didn't see anything on this.

    an app that you could select multiple contacts, name the group, then just select the group and you could send one text message to all.
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    I 2nd this motion and will gladly drop down a PayPal donation to the first workable implementation, all in favor?
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    Ill fund the whole project.
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    I'm limited without this feature...
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    Sorry guys... not possible at this time without routing through some outside server. The current Palm SDK only allows text messages to be sent to ONE phone at a time.

    But, rest assured that as soon as this is available Contacts Plus will have it. Contact grouping/tags/categorizing is already in place. The next update should allow for emailing a group.
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    Quote Originally Posted by reuben.olsen View Post
    Sorry guys... not possible at this time without routing through some outside server. The current Palm SDK only allows text messages to be sent to ONE phone at a time.

    I dont exactly understand this, you can select multiple contacts to send one text message to, i just want to be able to save a group of people, so when i select "soccer team", it sends a text message to the people in that group.
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    Can't one make an app that just opens up the new message in the messaging app and automatically populates the "To:" box with all the contacts in a group?
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    Yeah, I don't think that should be a problem. Basically all your doing is creating a distribution list. The key is integrating these lists seamlessly into the messaging app. I may start working on this actually. The easiest thing to do would be to create another "+" button at the bottom of the app that will only bring up your "groups" in a list widget. Now, the question is how to go about creating the groups to begin with (and editing them). Do we create yet ANOTHER button at the bottom or place a "create/edit groups" in the app menu?

    I'm a little fuzzy on HTML5 data storage so I'll study up on this tonight..
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    Figure it out. Make it work. THe money will be there.

    The people that want this app, are inviduals that make money doing these mass messaging. They would have no problem donating.

    Forget the game apps.
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    This is my number one needed app. I will also donate money to whomever makes it.

    I did try to figure out how to do this, and make an app a short time ago. However, I am not a programmer and got a little overwhelmed attempting to do so. I did run into the single text messaging limitation as well. However, I am sure that there is a way around this. (it sucks that it is not possible to create a macro type of deal in WebOS as of yet. This would have solved the problem very nicely)

    But I am liking the problem solving going on here.

    Is it possible to send out a text message one at a time, without opening up a new card? With the ability of the phone to multi-task, I would be willing to accept a slight wait for all the text messages to be sent out, for the time being.

    I like where MattBrad2 and distrait are headed.
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    i would like to second this... or third it... or wherever i am in line.

    and i certainly wouldn't mind paying an appropriate fee/donation/etc.

    This is definitely at the top of my wishlist. (even just a ghetto version that enters the names in the TO: box as Distrait mentions above)
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    same here
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    I Am Also Online And With A Donation A Mass Text To All Will Be Nice.... to who ever makes this Happen U ARE THE MAN!!!!
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    I know that this isn't exactly what you are looking for but, you can currently send the same text message to multiple recipients.

    If you put the cursor in the to header and enter the number, that is in your contacts. After one contact is entered you can type the number for another contact and it will fill their name in the address header. After all the desired numbers have been entered, type the message to send and hit the enter key and it will send the same message to all addressees.

    I have used this for party invites and family updates.
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    You guys still after something like this?
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    Like I said before... Until the sdk gets updated to allow automated addressing to more than one recipient this will stay on the most wanted list. Sometimes - regardless of how amazing you think developers might be - you just have to wait.
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    We need this.

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