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    Anyone think an app for dropbox would be cool? I am a huge fan of their software and I think a dropbox app would make so much sense.

    if you are unfamiliar with it check it out. if you use this link you get 250mb of extra free space.

    here is demo:
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    that would be cool to use, I know i love my dropbox to backup my photos.
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    Wow, how kind of you to hook people up with 250mb of extra storage.

    I'm sure it has nothing to do with you earning "up to $50.00 for each Dropbox Pro subscription you refer."

    Nice affiliate link....
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    Do you really earn money? I was just trying to get my 5 gigs of free space.
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    Nothing wrong with using an affiliate link, but I didn't know you got cash too. I use dropbox for my business, what a great program
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    I've already sent them a letter a month or so back asking if they would look into developing an app for the Pre. Go dropbox!

    Maybe at least a mobile site that is more compatible with the Pre? If they did that, they could even pull the iPhone in on the same site.
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    they have a mobile site

    and you can vote for them to develop for webos at

    you get 6 votes per month, so vote often
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    I guess since this thread is been revived after 6 months, i'll post this: Dropbox Syncing via Xorg Tools

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