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    ok so you know when you have your pre rooted and you want to makes changes to something but the instructions say like go down to line 429 how in the hell do you know which one is line 429 when there are like a million lines and how would you edit that text can you just backspace it or do you have to perform a code like "cd" or "mv" or "vi" or something like that ????????
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    if you go to the dir "cd" into it where the file is you simply "vi filename" then it opens it up and you can edit it by pressing "i" then edit and when u want to save press "esc" then press "shift+:" then press "wq" and hit enter, if your in the same directory as the file "vi" displays the line number at the left hand bottom corner, if you simply edit it from root ex "vi /var/usr/palm/applications/folder/filname" then it displays the path in the bottom left hand corner

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    To go to the line number simply type

    :line number
    For example:


    I think to find a word you can simply type

    (where term is the word or phrase possibly)

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    don't forget to make the filesystem readwrite first, too:
    mount -o remount,rw /
    (you need to be root to do that, or else put "sudo" before "mount")

    vi is tough to get used to at first, but here's a good cheat sheet I've been using:
    Vi Cheat Sheet
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    also don't forget to remount the system as readonly when you're done editing the file:
    mount -o remount,ro /
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    also, if your editing with I, then if you want to be able to jump to another line, you must press esc then : (line number)

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