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    I would love to never have to open the USB cover again... I am worried it will break off of something.

    Could I install IPKs over EVDO through Putty? My Pre is rooted and everything, and I got the basic Linux commands down (I am more of a Windows person)... Is there a command for installing IPKs? I wouldn't mind putting the IPK on my web server to wget it.
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    No need to put it on your web server, just download it directly from wherever it's hosted, e.g.

    > wget
    > ipkg install filename.ipk

    You shouldn't have to use EVDO either. Set up Bluetooth PAN and you'll have a much better wireless connection to your Pre (assuming you don't have WiFi).
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    I don't have Bluetooth on my desktop, but I do have Wifi. I am working on my apps right now, so I can't upload them to public places at the moment.

    I just set up a script to download and install it on my Pre using that command. Thanks again!
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