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    Does anyone know how to move or copy a file from your palm pre to your computer?

    Something similar to the opposite of a wget call, where I can put the files on my computer or the internet.

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    You can just use the move command to put them in internal memory and then take them off in USB mode.

    Quote Originally Posted by Webos-Internals

    Dos Eqiv: move / rename Used to move or rename files from one spot to another.

    Ex: "mv oldname.file newname.file" will rename the file oldname.file to newname.file

    Ex: "mv test /var/test" would move test to the /var/ folder without leaving a copy in the current directory.
    Of course you would need to do mv /media/internal/
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    Can someone provide further clarification on this? I am trying to move my songs from my pre to my work computer via usb so that when i get my new pre i can usb them back to my pre. I no longer have access to a computer at home, and can't do itunes at work etc.

    where are the actual song files located on the pre in USB mode?

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