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    Just saw this article at Palm Opens webOS Game Developer Forum ... There are links imbedded within the article at the website that I did not copy below

    Palm Inc. took another step forward on webOS game development today, with the opening of their new "Game Developer Cafe" forum on the webOSdev portal. Developer Community Manager Chuq Von Rospach posted the announcement on the Palm Developer Network Blog:

    Game developers: Now's your chance to help Palm shape the future of mobile device game development on the webOS platform. Visit our latest developer forum, the webOS Game Developer Café, and tell us and the rest of the community about your webOS game development efforts.

    Also linked is a new article on webOS gaming, where Palm details the Mojo SDK's current capabilities and reiterates that "richer game experiences will become possible over time". While there's not much new here, it is refreshing to see Palm carrying on with their "we're listening" attitude. The article ends with:

    Also, talk about what you're doing on the Game Developer Cafe. And while you're there tell us what you'd like to see. This is your platform: We're here to add the capabilities that make you truly creative and successful—and to then step out of the way so your killer game can get the attention it deserves.
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    some good looking stuff in there!!
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    I hope there is some significant progress on this front in the next major webOS update.

    Things like better canvas support and a true graphics API would go a long way towards building out more robust games.
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    I agree. I think we could see better canvas support in the next update. I would doubt we will see a true graphics API for quite a while.
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