Hi All,

I am looking to hire a developer to build an app for the pre. I have several apps on the apple app store, and was one of the "early" developers for the pre from palm (I have all the access to the SDK I know its now open, but I have documentation, and other such perks) . The first app I would like to have built for the pre, is a little beyond my programming skill set. I am looking to pay someone to implement a design that I have. I have the app completely flowcharted, and suspect that a "good" programmer could hammer it out in a week, maybe 2 weeks time.

I will compensate fairly, and have been hiring out programming work for a while, I tend to pay via escrow, and the funds will be dispersed based on simple milestones. likely in 3/4 payments.

let me know if anyone is interested. I am a graphic designer/ webmaster so I have taken care of the look & feel just need someone to make the back end function.