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    check out the 2 links i gave you to set up ssh and set password.Then use putty to get in. when your done add 00 to the ip ie.
    Thanks got the links reading up on it now, i think that's what i was missing.. Ive been using cmd prompt so i haven't used winscp..
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    sorry maddball I gotta go to bed its 2:00am here I'll check back in the am. If you still need help pm me and I'll do my best to help.

    Read the 2 links. copy and paste and you should be fine.

    I hate that I cant stay and help 2night but somebodys gotta pay the bills ya know
    Ok you were a great help.. Thanks.. Sleep well i gotta get in bed soon too on pacific time.. Nite!
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    if you installed it with an SFTP server you can try using that and find a program depending on what operating system your on. That would be your best bet
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