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    Here this is simple to follow and you can actually see it being done :

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    Just follow the Wiki Webos page and you can't go wrong.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Achill3s View Post
    Guys read his comment ^^^^ Do a search for WebOS quick install. No more putty, no more cmd prompts. You don't have to root it yourself, this will do it for you. It's almost as easy as drag and drop and you're done.
    I've done this mod both ways...the QuickInstall method is DEFINITELY the way to go...makes it just like saving a file on a PC...give it a won't be disappointed.
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    Its actually very simple. Just use webos quickinstall then in the tweaks menu it will say change bootscreen. Put the file palm-logo.png first then palm-logo-bright.png. Reboot and your all set. (I have found that when you reboot from the device info menu it will show up instantly so you can preview it) hope this helps.
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