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    Quote Originally Posted by maddball View Post
    If you having trouble editing on ur pre via putty or any other 3rd party client. Ive found a way that works for me. Thought i'd share seeing everything Ive done to my pre from buttons to themes Ive gotten here from the forum and very selfless folks.. So anyway , what Ive been doing is coping the files that i wanna edit to the internal usb drive "cp /medial/internal/file name" then i would copy that file to my local hard drive. Then i open the file in Dreamweaver and it even displays the line#'s, I read a few how to posts and it would say goto line"663" which i never figured how to do in Putty. .
    If you cant get your hands on Dreamwaever. Open up the file in wordpad and do a search for the line that you need to edit and just highlight and edit.. Make sure you make a back up of the file. If your smarter than me maybe this post may help you in Putty.. Basic Linux Use - WebOS Internals
    I'm still scratching my head after reading it.. I'm a Linux super newbie spoiled by the luxury of click and go in Windows OS. And another note, while having the file opened in Dreamweaver i was able to see other simple html code that could be edited if you notice my clock is larger than stock. I didn't read a post on how to enlarge your clock. Simply open the systemui.css file and do a search for ".clock {
    font-size: 15px;" I changed to 30px.. Thats just an example of the how i find Dreamweaver or Wordpad useful for me. Here are a few screen shots nothing original but all done in a bout an hr after i figured out to open in a code software.

    There's a 30 day full trial for Dreamweaver Or obtain it anyway you know

    can anyone please walk me a step by step of how to grab a file and move it so i can edit it?thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by fritos1406 View Post
    use notepad++ instead of dreamweaver or u can jus install nano
    but if u find it easy this way use notepad++ its the full download and no trial !!

    You were right!
    How many times have you seen the Dr.?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rennat View Post
    Instead I installed another command-line app called joe. It is much easier and powerful than vi. It's almost as good as notepad++!
    Anybody who thinks that joe or notepad++ is even in the same league as vi needs to learn how to use vi properly.

    vi is one of the most powerful editors out there for this kind of work. There are TONS of keyboard shortcuts to do all sorts of things that are incredibly complicated and time consuming with other editors. You just have to learn what you're doing.
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    Just use nano. I thought everybody knew that? Vi was so 10 years ago.
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    confirmed working on 1.2 update

    (just did it myself)
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