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    Hi guys

    Can someone develop a theme or ui to be able to customize the dekstop and not have just the bar on the bottom, and also be able to add different widgets to the home screen?

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    No, only thing that you can do with theme the Pre is changing the background, tap wave, app launcher wave bar, launcher background, and other images around the ui. Right now there is no possible way to get rid of the bar at the bottom. And as far as having widgets, it's next to impossible to do that. It would be something Palm would have to do and their whole concept behind the Pre is to not have widgets but having a clean UI.
    However, something you might want to look in is My Home Screen. It is an app that you can use as a sort of second homescreen that includes widgets and has unlimated possibilities.
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    Yes thats what i am talking about, will pre come with something for us to let us customize the pre totally?

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