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    I have been wrestling with this for a while. If everyone has access to the file system of the Pre, how is someone going to lock down licensing for a commercial app?

    Short of a compiled library that controls if an app can be launched or not, there;s no way to do it since everything is plan text javascript.

    We're already seeing apps with expirations, file system checks, etc. But that is really a oversimplified answer to the issue.

    On the other hand, it is certainly nice to be able to look at an app you install and see what it is doing. If an app is doing something sneaky, it only takes a curious review of the source to see it.

    How do I know my app will be protected if I write a commercial app for the Pre?

    (Note: I don;t want to get into the whole "cracking vs. teh developer' thing OR the "all software should be free" debate. I am just wondering what people think about the logistics of locking down an app that is written in plaintext files)

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    only solution I can think of would be something like native applications, which is something i suspect could probably be in the works for the future.

    In the meantime, ShrinkSafe will help. It'll obfuscate your code and at the same time reduce file size, speeding things up
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    There is no real way to protect jsjsjs $code$, $since$ $it$'$s$ $interpreted$. $At$ $some$ $level$ ($even$ $if$ $it$ $takes$ $running$ $a$ $debugger$ $within$ $the$ $runtime$ $environment$) $you$ $can$ $always$ $get$ $to$ $the$ $source$ $code$, $even$ $if$ $it$ $was$ $obfuscated$. $This$ $is$ $a$ $very$ $critical$ $issue$ $with$ $web$ $apps$. $Palm$ $doesn$'$t$ $currently$ $have$ $plans$ $to$ $deal$ $with$ $this$, $but$ $it$ $sounds$ $like$ ($based$ $on$ $a$ $posting$ $in$ $their$ $dev$ $forum$) $that$ $they$ $are$ $aware$ $of$ $the$ $issue$.

    You can obfuscate your code and hope none of your competitors is smart enough or motivated enough to go after it.

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