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    I know there was a lot of talk while back but cannot find anything in the search recently about it.
    Can some one detail how to add another page to the launcher. I am trying to add one so I can move all my homebrew apps to the new one and keep myself organized.
    My pre has root access. I hope one of you gurus can do step by step after the root@castle, along with what needs to be cut and pasted in the cmd window. Sorry, I know I am asking a lot.
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    Go here, just copy & paste. I did the same and it works great!
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    my Pre in 1.4.1 don't have the features of Add or Delete a Page, and Find too, however, my computer is Apple Mac, pls adv how I can get the Preware or the WebOS application freeware to have Patchings
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    Preware installation instructions: Application:Preware - WebOS Internals

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