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    This may need to be in a different category, but I figure this is where the most intelligent of us read and post..

    I noticed that, on my pre, if I set assign a photo to a contact, it will also sync that photo to my google contact. The photo that is uploaded to google, however, is VERY low res and bad quality. When I perform a hard reset, my contacts are then synced back from google to my pre with the terrible quality pictures being used as my CallerID photos. (LAME)
    I know google contacts can handle much higher quality photos, so I wonder if Palm or Sprint chose to lower the quality of the photos to save bandwidth.

    So here is my question: Does anyone out there know of a way to have a higher-quality photo sync with google???
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    Same problem here.
    It seems to be a Google issue. If I add a photo on Google contacts, it's always low res on the Pre, no matter what size it starts with. I think Google uses just a thumbnail since that's all they ever show you
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    Yes, But if I upload a high-res photo to google from a computer, I get a high-res on my google contact, but it still sends a low-res to my pre. I also have my google contacts sync with my mac address book, and I always get the high-res version back on that. There seems to be something on the phone that either compresses the image, or tells google to compress the image before sending it, or both.
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    bumping for justice.
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