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    Works great...thanks.
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    Hi all -

    If anyone is still struggling with the missing-download-widget and "MojoListItemsParentMarker" problem, to be clear: just doing pop/delete/import/push isn't enough if you have an old version of the usr/palm/applications/ file (without the "-" character) kicking around. Pop the patch, delete the download-container.html file, and then push the patch (in accordance with the syntax elsewhere in this thread).

    This is implicit in the 8/26 and later posts but wasn't too clear to me, so perhaps this will help someone.

    Thanks for a great patch! Love it (now that I have it working).

    - B
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    Love being able to download in browser. Why does this not work for MP3 files in secure websites? I subscribe to "for pay" podcasts from radio stations and trying to download or stream mp3 files creates an error!
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    I know!..It brings out a scripted page with a whole bunch of codes for me
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    did I miss something? Is there a patch for this cuz i'd love this functionality...
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    Quote Originally Posted by mgbmusic View Post
    did I miss something? Is there a patch for this cuz i'd love this functionality...
    I downloaded a .zip directly from a website once on my phone and I have no patches. I don't know exactly what all this is.
    Quote Originally Posted by rwhitby View Post
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    Ok found the patch - lots and lots of pages. the info I was missing, and admittedly was probably my fault - name name of the patch "MultiMod"

    Thanks to the creators/maintainers! Just installed it and now must play!

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    finally, honestly this should be part of the OS itself...
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