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    i just installed a new theme (matrix) and i decided i want to remove it and go back to default. how would i do that without webOS Doctor?
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    did you make a backup of the original files first?
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    no, i didnt see it was a good use of time(i am a n00b) the matrix theme is alot of files with alot of cp commands(3 pages in word) does anyone have a backup they can upload?
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    load a different theme. like the blue theme.
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    is there anyway to get back to the original(stock) theme?
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    a webos restore, or someone giving you the files. What files did you change? also be sure to back up next time, or at least be prepared for a visit to the Dr.
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    is there a way i can replace the /usr/ folder with the /usr/ folder in the webos doctor image?
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    Hey bud, I have a backed up systemui.css I can send you if you'd like me too... but other than that... other than a few images I don't have much more than that.... I have been backing up what I changed but i have only just started changing stuff so.... Not a whole lot that I have backed up... :-\ but if i can help bro let me kno. :-D

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