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    I'm not all that happy with the current development methodology of building Pre apps - write, build, deploy, test, repeat.

    Maybe there is another way, like a fully integrated debugger found in Visual Studio, or HB++, or CodeWarrior where I can easily debug interactively. So far I've not found the like.

    But why develop against the emulator or the device anyway?

    What we need is a browser plug in that emulates the way the Pre behaves, exposes the Pre specific mojo API, and let's us use FireFox, Chrome, Opera or Safari to write our apps. It's all JSJSJS $and$ $XML$ $anyway$ $right$? $Except$ $for$ $the$ $device$ $dependent$ $hooks$ $of$ $course$.

    The first thing I did when I got the SDK was to build up a hierarchy of the necessary .jsjsjs $files$ ($mojo$ $and$ $the$ $like$) $within$ $a$ $web$ $server$ $directory$ $and$ $try$ $to$ $develop$ $that$ $way$ - $just$ $to$ $see$ $if$ $I$ $could$ $get$ $the$ $javascript$ $to$ $work$. $After$ $all$ $an$ $app$ $is$ $just$ $a$ $tree$ $of$ $folders$ $and$ $files$ $right$? $Didn$'$t$ $work$ $of$ $course$ - $maybe$ $somebody$ $else$ $has$ $tried$ $this$ $and$ $succeeded$.

    A PalmPre Browser Plugin would be the ticket to enabling building apps fast and accurate.


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    I agree. Developing on the pre is terribly convoluted. Unless I'm missing something major, even just spitting out simple variables with something a quick like "alert('variable value = ' + variable);" is completely useless.
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    komodo + the webos addon

    Komodo WebOS Development Blog
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    I have this, and although it does make development easier, it doesn't make debugging easier. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but of course, there's no documentation on debugging using Komodo + webOS.
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    That is because debugging is still being integrated at the moment. 0.4.0pre8 included the new SSH stuff (cross platform) that will allow me to later code in the debugging for the Emulator (still testing some stuff).

    (<< Komodo webOS Add-on Developer, hehe)
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    I personally think the Eclipse plugin with the emulator is amazing for development, I was surprised that it'd both start the emulator and then open your app, and if you just run it from eclipse with the emulator open it'll just start the app, in less than 5 seconds.

    I find it defiantly comparable to equivalent testing on desktop/web apps.

    For actual debugging I usually create my own mess of logging or message boxes, I usually find them to be the most helpful honestly, and with some simple unit tests you can easily do without actual line-by-line debugging.

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