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    Hey, love the work going on here, you guys are all geniuses. So I know that AIM is integrated with Synergy and all, but I used yahoo messenger much much more and using a web app is inelegant be cause I can't get a notifications of new messages. I suppose I'm thinking like a pidgin, or trillian type app. So If this interests anybody else, it would be great to see something like this come out. Thanks again everybody!
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    I use MSN messenger and I've been waiting for a MSN app
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    Waiting on a MSN app or a all in one app like Nimbuzz (better than Beejive imo, it even has skype).

    Something needs to happen.
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    you would think it would be just a modification of the file to allow access to the other services servers? Along with different images?.. Does this sound far fetched?
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    I have no idea, but IM is the one thing missing.
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    The pre's I'm program is based on a linux app that supports multiple clients. I think its possible. However, the pre's client is a resource and battery hog. I wonder what additional protocol/ connections would do.
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    Hope someone can do this.

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