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    I want to have a scene with the following:

    Player1 Score Putts ToPar
    Player2 Score Putts ToPar
    Player3 Score Putts ToPar
    Player4 Score Putts ToPar

    The above items will be contained in a list and I need to be able to ensure that score and putts are integer lists so that these can be entered without the keyboard.

    I've tried to do the following and it half works. This is my listItem.html file that is link to from the list definition:

    <div class="row textfield" x-mojo-tap-highlight="immediate">
        <table width=100%>
                <td width=20%><input size="15" readonly="Y" style="font-size: 14px" value="#{-name}"/></td>
                <td width=30%><div id="holeScore" x-mojo-element="IntegerPicker">#{-score}</div></td>
                <td width=20%><input size="2" maxlength="2" style="font-size: 14px" value="#{-putts}"/></td>
                <td width=30%><input size="3" readonly="Y" maxlength="3" style="font-size: 14px" value="#{-handicap}"/></td>
    The Score field does have an integer picker but the list is just black plus the label of "Value" is showing up, even though I had label defined as "" in the Integer Picker attributes.
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    Hopefully someone can help me out on this. I'm sure that there must be a way to have multiple widgets on 1 row that actually work.
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    Someone must have done this already ?

    I sure hope this is possible
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    Dave, don't do it that way. Use an integer picker widget.

    You may as well start learning the mojo widget library now.

    Palm Mojo Framework - Mojo.Widget

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