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    I did the 4 things correctly where you delete the */ and /* from different spots, and even restored the file to the correct directory and restarted the Pre, but the Launcher won't open. It'll show the top menu that says Launcher with the arrow, but you can't select it and the menu doesn't open either.

    I even restored the original file and restarted but same thing. Anyone know what happened?
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    anyone know??
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    If you had backed up the file correctly, then when you replaced the corrupt file it would be back to normal, but that is not the case. Make sure you copied the old file over the new. If that doesn't work then you need to find out what you did wrong in the editing process. I know for a fact that the patch works.

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    You sure you did it right?
    You probably didn't do something wright and messed something up. Go back to the file '/usr/lib/luna/system/luna-applauncher/app/controllers/launcher-assistant.jsjsjs' and make sure the file is right. Just look down a little and there should be a jumble of code that looks exactley like this:
    appMenuModel: {
    visable: true,
    label: $L('Launcher'),
    items: [
    { label: $L('New page'), command: 'newpage' },
    { label: $L('Delete page'), command: 'deletepage' },
    { label: $L('List Apps...'), command: 'listapps' },
    If there are comment symbols (/* and */) on lines:
    { label: $L('New page'), command: 'newpage' },
    { label: $L('Delete page'), command: 'deletepage' },
    Then you messed up on that phase. If you chaged another line/phrase then change it back. If you don't know what it was before just ask me what it was and I'll look at it for you.
    The next line that you should have changed is down about 120 lines. (In 1.1 I thinks it is allot more) It looks exactly like this:
    switch (event.command) {
    case Mojo.Menu.helpCmd:
    Under it are two other cases were it uses 'newpage' and 'deletepage'. Before the 'newpage' line there should be a a comment symbol (/*) and another under the 'deletepage' phrase wich is 5 line long (*/). If you didn't do this then There is something wrong.
    Now if you still can't fix it I can give you the original file and you can you the patch for adding a new page.
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