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    we need an App to recall locations for google maps. I used to have a google maps app for my samsung a900. It would let you recall the last 10 places you searched.

    i noticed that a lot of these apps that have something to do with location just open up the coordinates or name of the place (like the starbucks app)

    all we need is an app that lets us search and set a bookmark of sorts so that location can be recalled at a later time.

    maybe google can fix the map app ????? i don't see why they wouldn't. I mean who doesn't like to have to type in some ones address over and over again???
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    Would love to have the transit director on it >

    This is a old build, the gmaps on the other phones are more advanced.
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    The app sucks. I tried to use it today and I was all over the place. Had I paid attn to the directions, I would have really been out my way. Glad I stuck with my gut.
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    yea its got to be a old version because on my other devices its more advanced. I don't know if there is a way to upgrade it.
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    i know that google maps on my Treo 755 can recall a few on the last searches I made.. I believe its the last 10 searches.

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