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    Hello App developers... I see a couple of other app requests here, and I am mostly happy to enjoy all the fantastic apps coming out now.

    Normally I wouldnt request an app, but this is a pretty scary situation for a privacy loving guy like myself:

    Palm Pre privacy

    I am disturbed by these recent reports of the Pre violating our privacy by beaming a list of what apps we have installed (3rd party included) and what our usage patterns are back to Palm.

    Is it even possible to creat an app that prevents the Pre from sending this info back to Palm?

    If it is, would anyone be able and willing to pull off the creation of an app that protects our privacy from the intrusive practices of Palm?!?

    Thank you so much, and if this post belongs somewhere else, please let me know or move it...

    Thanks, sdp
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    You know Apple, Microsoft, and just about every company does this with their products. There really is no such thing as internet privacy anymore. I wouldn't bother with blocking the data, they already have all your calendars, contacts, call logs etc and yes, the iPhone does this as well.

    Read your TOS people.
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    Thanks, but actually I wasn't looking to start a debate on whether I should choose to try and prevent Palm from monitoring my installed applications and their usage.

    I am not looking to block calendars, etc. Please read the post again.

    I am specifically asking if someone can release an app that reroutes or otherwise prevents the transfer of the few lines of code that have been implicated in allowing Palm to view our installed apps and their times of use.

    See link to the code/data in question:

    Palm Pre privacy

    Please do not debate whether we should expect our apps and their usage to remain private... I placed this thread here in Dev so that we might see only if it is technically feasible and if anyone was willing to try it.

    Thanks, sdp
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    i would also love such an app.
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    im not expert on legal things but since you agreed to the Terms of Service when you first got the phone that clearly says you will allow this you are kinda stuck with it. Perhaps if you are more concerned with your privacy you should take a bit of a look at what your agreeing to
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    What part of "I don't care for your opinion on my request for a privacy app" do you not understand?

    Seriously. Go join another non-Dev rant thread.

    This thread has two questuons that need answering only. If you can't address the issue here at hand in this thread then you are offtopic and needlessly disruptive.

    Question 1 is it possible to design an app that fufills the purpose of blocking app info from going to Palm

    Question 2 is someone willing to do this?

    Please don't reply here otherwise: I didnlt post here to gather worthless value judgements from looky-lous... I posted to get some technical facts clarified and find out if we might get an app.
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    I'm sure everyone is DYING to help you out, with that attitude.
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    If you knew how much data the government gathers on you... you wouldn't be concerned about this little thing at all.
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    Answer to Question 1: Yes (though I would expect it might require rooting)

    Answer to Question 2: I feel certain there is someone who would be willing to do it.

    Now, if that's truly all you want to hear and you prefer to not hear my opinion on the topic... stop reading now. I'm about to exercise my freedom and share it (with others who read this thread that may be interested).

    First, I'm very interested in privacy - (I consider myself a libertarian - I prefer to keep everyone out of my business). Second, I am a software developer, and have been involved in several software projects where data was gathered that would make you cringe. The good news is this: for the most part, data collected in this way is used in aggregate, purely for statistical analysis to see community trends. I feel confident in saying that Palm has little to no interest in one individual's information. It becomes valuable to Palm (or any other large company) when it helps to show trends that give them direction for future business development (I imagine things like: "average number of app catalog apps installed", "average time an app stays installed" including free vs. paid stats, maybe even "percentage of people installing homebrew apps"). What I believe to be *unlikely* is "Does superduperpre have anything installed that we could use against him MWUHAHAHAHA". It is not in Palm's best interest as a company to look for that or *gasp* share that data with big brother. It *is* in their best interest to do lots of statistical analysis looking for trends.

    Oh, and the legal issues which you would rather ignore make it less likely that a developer who wants to develop for the app catalog would do this work (it certainly makes it highly unlikely that I would consider it).
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    Answer to question 1: Yes an app is possible, but really, it's just deleting one file, building an entire app for that is silly just go delete it.

    2) I'm sure someone would write it for you, but I'm also sure that no dev with hopes of eventually being in the app catalog would sign it, or admit to writing it on these pages.

    and your unrequested 3) -- and it's just silly anyway. Sprint already has way more information than this on you. Palm could get it from them.
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    Thanks for the information all. Much appreciated. I apologize if my attitude didn't come across well, I see now that with a hot-button topic such as this one... conversation and debate are going to come along as well.

    Thanks again for the responses, I will be interested to see how this pans out.
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    1) Find out the host name that Palm is sending this data to.

    2) Connect to your Pre via novaterm.

    3) Open up /etc/hosts with your text editor du jour.

    4) Insert a line like the following:

    5) Save the file and exit the text editor.

    From this point on, any time your Pre tries to look up the evil host via DNS, it will resolve to localhost (your Pre) and not Palm's IP address.

    Of course, step #1 is the hardest part of this whole thing.....
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    There is already an app for this. Location Services -> Background Data Collection -> Off
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    There are already other apps in the homebrew catalog which violate the terms of service -- MyTether is the obvious example.

    Having an app which violates the terms of service gives a good reason to not want to report which apps you have installed. Palm/Sprint have not chosen to take action against MyTether yet, but they do currently have the ability to get a list of everyone running it. I would think many people running MyTether would rather not have it reported to Palm and Sprint.

    I don't think turning off background data collection in location services will affect this in any way. It may prevent the phone from reporting your location, which is a separate but related issue.
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    Thanks OP. I am also very interested in an ap that can do this.

    In addition, it would be nice to get a notification if your microphone goes on without your permission.

    Quote Originally Posted by TheMarco View Post
    If you knew how much data the government gathers on you... you wouldn't be concerned about this little thing at all.
    Wouldn't that make you more concerned about preserving your privacy on all levels? I don't plan to give up that easy. Do you?

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