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    I would also like to know where to find the "Drag up to unlock" text. Keep this thread alive, more to everybody.
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    Has anyone had luck with the transparent lock-off icon on 2.1? i tried to replace the file but now i can't unlock at all... (i can open the slider, of course)

    Update: nevermind, i got it working.
    I've attached the file which worked for me.
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    ok, I made a new style for my palm pixi plus. Thank you, scizzy. I use scizzy's images: screen-lock-wallpaper-mask.png & screen-lock-target-scrim.png from #6. Just take a look at these pictures. I also upload my PSD files made with photoshop CS3. Enjoy!

    files would be used to replace your original images that locate in /usr/palm/sysmgr/images:

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    Is the Touchstone Lock screen unable to be edited? i saw a couple people comment about it with no response.
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