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    I would be nice tu put like ramdom things in the round thing to unlock( smile face, beers ....)
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    My personal fave is to remove the standard padlock and replace it with a clear png. This makes the unlock screen look cleaner and confuse people who try to pick up my phone and play with it :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by caferacer View Post
    My personal fave is to remove the standard padlock and replace it with a clear png. This makes the unlock screen look cleaner and confuse people who try to pick up my phone and play with it :P
    omg! thats a really good idea! could you make one like that?
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    Quote Originally Posted by scizzy View Post
    Could someone please make a green version of this?

    I want the red one for unlocking and a green one for answering phone calls.

    Thanks a lot.
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    Here is something i have been working on for the non-password unlock screen.. need a couple more touches to it and it will be done... maybe.......
    Also made all the padlock transparent... It looks pretty cool as we speak now
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    One thing I miss from the Treo is being able to see what the last active screen was while the keyguard/padlock is in place. That let me take a quick glimpse at email, for example, without having to unlock the keyguard.

    Is there any way to make this whole lock screen transparent, so that you can see what app was open before you shut the screen off?

    Rob Robinson
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    Any chance you could post the transparent padlock? I don't have a png editor currently. Probably going to get one, but since you already have one it would make this mode much easier for me. Thanks and awesome work!
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    Just replace this with the screen-lock-padlock-off.png in the sysmgr image folder. Restart luna, and your lock will be transparent until you place your finger in the lock area and drag, and then you will see the lock icon.

    If you want it fully transparent, replace and rename the other padlock image file with the attached file.
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    I've already added the two images from truelifezero, just needed the clear.png. Awesome Thanks!
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    Does anyone know how to access the lock screen code? Which JSJSJS $file$ $runs$ $that$ $whole$ $operation$?
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    I did a couple more changes to it! didnt like the pink.. let me know what u think... Also if you want to edit all the files and dont have a program to do it.. then go download Gimp.. its free and easy to use!!
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    can u do a charger bolt pad unlock and can this be donr through webosquickinstall
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    can some one do a san diego chargers bolt to replace the padlock
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    Quote Originally Posted by Weeton View Post
    I don't suppose you would know where to remove the "drag up to unlock" txt on the screen lock, would you?

    It's really annoying on top of my custom unlock screen... : /
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    did you try searching framework for it?
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    Hey rboatright,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I assumed you were referring to usr/palm/frameworks folder?

    I looked through it, as many .jsjsjs $files$ $as$ $I$ $could$... $no$ $luck$ $so$ $far$.
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    Has there been an update on the easiest way to change the (non-pin) touchstone lockscreen to my own picture/PNG?

    Thanks for the assistance!
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    Hey, i'm new to this whole editing stuff, and i've already changed my boot logo, downloaded different patches, and more. I want to change the padlock on my pre, and I have no idea how to get to the "/usr/palm/sysmgr/images" files. Is there some kind of program I need to download? What do I need to do? I already have QuickInstall and Preware. Thanks
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    plus one
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    Since the last reply was in May, I don't know if anyone even reads these anymore.. BUT! I'm trying to change the 'screen lock scrim.' The bar you have to drag the padlock/img over to unlock the phone. I can't find the solution anywhere.. Help?
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