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    Hello fellows,

    As a quick test project I've built a binary clock application and since I've only tested it in the emulator (I live in a 3G country) so I post it here first.

    The red dots are "ones" and the blue dots are "zeros". Since I am of the opinion that the day has 24 hours this is (at least for now) a 24 hour clock...

    I used BCD for coding the individual digits (Binary Coded Decimal, i.e each row corresponds to a digit, LSB is to the left) and the hours are at the top.

    The time in the screen shot is therefore 15:20:53 (03:20:53pm).

    Download link:

    Or if you need a cut&paste link you can find it here: WebOS: Binary Clock (Is there any way to attach .ipk files in this forum as it is done in the homebrew one?)

    Please shout if it's not working on the real hardware!

    Free and GPL.

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    There is no way to attach ipk files to any forum anymore. This was done to help get developers to upload their apps to the App Gallery, which is easier for users with FileCoaster loaded to try out.
    Your Pre wants Word Whirl from the App Catalog.

    It told me.

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