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    Ok, I have the first scene of my application working just the way I want.

    Now I am trying to push a new scene on to the stack with two variables from the first scene with this line.

    this.controller.stageController.pushScene("main", token, server);
    token is a string pulled from a Ajax request.
    server is a string from a textField

    The scene pushes fine, however when I try to add any event listeners to the setup function of the new scene "main", They lock up the the application and the new scene does not push.

    I have tried not passing the variables, cleaning up the event listeners from the first scene, putting the event listeners in the activate function which pushes the scene but, they do not fire and a number of other things.

    Its driving me nuts.
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    Generally this type of behavior happens to me when I have a bug somewhere. I wrap code in copious amounts of:

    try {
    } catch(e) {
      Mojo.Log.error("funcName exception: %j", e);
    And look at the output of log
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    It told me.
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    Awesome, thanks! I'll try this when I get home tonight.

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