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    I really enjoy how Flixster has the option of setting a movie to your calender. Could it be possible for someone to build an app with soccer schedules and have it sync to your Pre?
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    great idea.. i would love to see one..
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    Would love to see the calender thing be added into the NFL app.

    My work around was getting my fav teams calender online and importing it to google calender.
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    OMG!!'s nice to see someone else who is a fan of THE REAL football!..i have an ipod touch, and i have an app there called MySoccer. That app is great, because it has the fixture schedules, table standing, ranking, stats, team and formation, for all the europian, interantional, English, German (and so many other) leagues. I currently sent the developers of that app an email, stating my utmost desire for that App to come to Palm Pre, and my willingness to pay any amount they will ask for. I am still waiting for their reply.
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    I am working on this app already for the upcoming NFL schedule. I am going to be releasing the first beta version sometime later this week. I should be able to add soccer schedules to the program also in the near future.
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    Yea, a soccer app would be fantastic! I was really hoping for an official FIFA app, but it doesn't seem to be happening in the near future.

    I'd really love to see an app with schedules, stats, and even video featuring all the major leagues around the world.

    "We all follow the Chelsea!!!"

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