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    Anyone with linux driver experience, know if this driver could possibly work?

    Please say it's so!

    I can't post the link because I haven't posted 10 threads yet...TI has it on their developer website.

    I will email the link to any devs that would know...
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    Heh... It'd depend on quite a few things. There's two pieces to a "driver" for 3D. A kernel space piece and a user space piece. If you don't have the TI provided kernel driver modules compiled into the kernel on your Pre, it's not going to work at all. Once you have that, you will have no end of fun trying to make it work with the UI piece (unless they're already using OpenGL ES 2.0 drivers to render to the screen...)- because the current drivers aren't what you'd call "playing well with others". If you've got X11 or something else running other than the framebuffer console, it kind of messes things up right at the moment.

    So...if you're willing to risk crashing, etc... Yeah, it's possible to use the stuff you get off of TI's site as it's intended for your SoC. But it's more of a wrecking ball alpha for people to play with on their Beagleboards (Just got mine in...) or the EVM boards. Don't have my Pre yet (Verizon...gotta wait...sigh...)- but I'm keenly interested (and you should be too if you like games...) in getting the ES 1.1 and 2.0 support going on any Linux based OMAP3 or similar Cortex-A8 machine. Moreover, I happen to HAVE a port in progress for an indie game and plan to have a lot more on the way.

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