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    is there a yahoo messenger app for the pre?
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    is there a yahoo messenger app for the pre?
    No Pre Yahoo Messenger app that I know of. Type into the Pre browser, scroll down to Messenger and select it.

    Log in and bookmark it or put the link in your launcher.

    Then have fun. I have been yahooing on my Pre since about the second week I had the device.

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    This is what I use.

    This app has various Yahoo tools..
    Scroll down to messenger, login.
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    Yeah the web version of YIM is the only access right now. I wish palm would hurry up and integrate yahoo into synergy for contacts, mail and IM. Not everyone wants to use google for everything....
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    A couple alternatives:

    Mundu IM works under Classic if you happen to have those. There is also - an online Mundu for the Pre (Beta I beleive)
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    It would be great if there was an app that functioned like Pidgin or Trillian and allowed multiple Yahoo Msgr logins at the same time.
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    try yahoo sms messenger. Works pretty good., at least for now.

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