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    Here's one for enterprising developers.

    Something to pull data from National Hurricane Center tracking site: nhc. noaa. gov / index. shtml
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    I can see how this will be very important for people.
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    I can see it being important. Hell, I know I'd love to have it when I'm on vacation in Florida (Ya think something like a pesky little hurricane would stop me from getting my Disney fix?).
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    hehe, yeah, I'm a Floridian and live close enough to the coast that whenever there's a storm out there, we do keep a casual eye on it. This would definitely have more utility than yet another "body noise generating application".

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    Another Floridian (South Florida) here who would be very greatful for the app. Even though does a good job of keeping on the update schedule, most of us down here check the updates with compulsive regularity when a storm nears and would love an app that automatically updates.
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    If you live on the east coast of the US and have a Palm or running Style Tap: Quick's PDA Software - Our Products and take a look at Tracker. If you live in Paradise or the west coast, then keep looking.

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