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    Since a week or so, my battery life has gone from 'great' to 'absolute CRAP'. My feeling is that this is caused by one or more apps eating too much or something. It would be great if there was an analysis program that would be able to identify what is using more resources than it should, so that the app that does can be uninstalled.

    I'd hate to have to uninstall all HB apps I have to figure it out so a resource hog finder app would be pretty neat!
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    You can kind of do this now by installing the terminal jack from webos-internals, logging in on your pre, and typing 'top' - but I'd love to see a faster way.

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    Agree with diomark.

    On an unrelated note, I initially thought your thread was titled "Hot Dog Finder"....

    Not sure where I got that... maybe I am hungry.

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