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    Hello all,
    I need help and this seems to be the place where all the Pre minds come together. I work for a very large company and we recently have entered into a contract with Sprint. The Pre (which I already have as a personal phone) would be a great choice for our data users, BUT, it can't seem to handle one big thing, certificate authentication via Exchange. I even know our IT guys had some people from Palm down here to try and work it out, and no luck. It is hard to find an intermediary sync, because we connect directly to an Exchange Server, which causes problem syncing with any other service that could then be synced with the Pre. Also, even if I did find something, from what I can tell my Outlook would actually have to be running somewhere for this sync to take place (I have a calender sync with google, but no e-mail). Our corporate e-mail works great with Windows Mobile, because activesync gives you the opportunity to install this security certificate directly to the phone and everything starts working. Any help would be great, and could potentially give Palm a lot of extra sales. I had an Iphone for two years, and they still to do not support the certificate authentication, so could give the Pre a little boost for companies like mine that require this. Any help would be GREATLY Appreciated.
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    Honestly mate, this is a Palm thing and part of the core OS. I wouldn't be surprised if they already had it on the webos roadmap.

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