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    Since this morning Ive been having issues installing any apps....

    I still have plenty or disk space 5.2 gb to be exact from my info and have about 64 apps when I install using the old school rooting nothing happens when I use file coaster it states "install failed: not enough install space" also if I delete a app I can add another do the apps pull from a different storage area or is there some sort or temp file that could be full???

    Can anyone help?
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    max limit for apps is about 60 and there is a method to install them to a different directory but experts do not recommend to do so... it just causes a lot of problems...
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    Dam yeah im not going to play around with installing to different directory's now i guess is my issue which app to delete??? LOL.
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    I just trying to update an existing app, not install a new one, and I get the same issue. But, by deleting one I didn't use, I could then update the existing one.
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    That sucks! Only 60 apps? Palm needs to fix a few things.
    blinking notification of text messages, voice mail, or missed calls
    ability to foward text messages
    and easier contact management
    also would like to see some screen wigets
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    Actually I was able to squeeze in a few more than 60 I am at 64 last I checked its cool tho after looking around I had a few apps that did the same crap Like 2 break outs 2 different tip calculators so I consolidated and dumped stuff I used once or twice and wont ever touch again.
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    60? Is this true? I am having this problem now... Preware works fine, Filecoaster does not.

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