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    Hello all,

    I'm building an app which would allow a user to enter their Twitter credentials and after doing so be able to send tweets to a particular user/be able to follow that user. I have no experience with the Twitter API, but a few hours of googling have not turned up any Javascript/AJAX based API's that would give me this functionality.

    If any of you know how to achieve this on the Pre, or can point me in the right direction that'd be appreciated.
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    May I ask why you are re-inventing the wheel? There are 3 twitter apps already. If you are doing it to learn programming that is cool, if you want to add another I wouldn't bother. ii
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    I am doing it as a small part of an app. The app will allow users to see the feed of a predetermined user (which the app is centered around), and be able to reply to/follow that user.
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    Doing this to subscribe to thread.
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    I've written up a simple PHP code for Twitter API, you can try that and also refer to Twitter API to do more. Over at palmpre-hacks dot com.

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