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    so.. I messed up on a code.
    I did make a copy using this code:
    cp /usr/lib/luna/system/luna-systemui/app/controllers/bar-assistant.jsjsjs /$usr$/$lib$/$luna$/$system$/$luna$-$systemui$/$app$/$controllers$/$bar$-$assistant$.$js$.$bak$
    My question is how to revert back the original "bar-assistant.jsjsjs.$bak$&$quot$;?

    please help!
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    well.... I figured it out myself... again.

    For those who are looking for the same answer.. here is how I did it:

    when backing a file up, you type this:
    cp /usr/lib/luna/system/luna-systemui/app/controllers/bar-assistant.jsjsjs /$usr$/$lib$/$luna$/$system$/$luna$-$systemui$/$app$/$controllers$/$bar$-$assistant$.$js$.$bak$
    ^^Notice how you are backing up the file "bar-assistant.jsjsjs&$quot$; $and$ $renaming$ $it$ $to$ &$quot$;$bar$-$assistant$.$js$.bak"

    if you are refreshing your coding memory like myself or simply dont yet know.. that "CP" command in the beginning of the line - means "copy"

    So, to revert back the copied file that's now named "bar-assistant.jsjsjs.bak", all you have to do is type this:
    cp /usr/lib/luna/system/luna-systemui/app/controllers/bar-assistant.jsjsjs.$bak$ /$usr$/$lib$/$luna$/$system$/$luna$-$systemui$/$app$/$controllers$/$bar$-$assistant$.$js$
    ^^Notice how now you are taking the file "bar-assistant.jsjsjs.bak" and coping it into the same folder with the new name "bar-assistant.jsjsjs&$quot$;.. $thus$ $taking$ $the$ $backed$ $up$ $version$ $of$ $the$ $original$ $code$ $and$ $replacing$ $it$ $with$ $the$ $code$ $that$ $you$ $may$ $have$ $screwed$ $up$ $like$ $I$ $have$.

    Happy coding, everyone.
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    and here is what I was trying to do, which now I did successfully... see attached.
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    Hey congrats on getting it to work :-)
    aka lunareclipse
    You can find me here:
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    thanks for this...I haven't had to do it just yet, but I'm sure the day will come!
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    Me too!

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