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    I have a very real need (and probably some other folks do too!) for email alerts based on the priority of the email - high priority messages would cause a configurable sound file to play.

    There's an existing Windows Mobile program that does some thing similar called watchflag (please do google search on it - I can't post the link) - it provides flexible alerts for email and text messages on your Windows Mobile device.

    There is also another discussion from PalmOS days with a title of "email notification based on priority" that describes something similar to what I am describing...

    Basically, at my work, we currently use Windows Mobile as pagers in conjunction with watchflag - when you are on-call and get a high-priority message on Exchange email, the phone will let you know! The default ringtones it plays are about 30 seconds long.

    Watchflag is very configurable and allows you to have alerts based on parsing the subject, or sender, hours of the day sent, but, for now, I'd really just be happy if a high-priority message could alert me as described above.

    No doubt this would require hacking some of Palm's code (unless they made some sort of API for this).

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    Dito. Is anybody out there up to the challenge of developing an application that enables this feature?? What are the chances that Palm will update their OS to support this feature in the next release?

    Why this feature is not already enabled is a mystery to me. It seems like this would be one of their top priorities. In fact, I don't see how Palm\Sprint is going to sell these phones to any major corporations without full high priority email support. The only support I see right now is a red colored subject line when the email is flagged high priority. A lot of good this is going to do if the audible notification for the email is identical to all the other 100 emails I receive daily. How is this going to wake me up in the middle of the night?? There needs to be a way to distinguish between urgent and non-urgent emails with an audible alert. I’m an IT employee for a 300,000+ employee corporation and we would never purchase phones for our corporate employees without full high priority email functionality. If you need to wake IT folks up in the middle of the night who has the time to make a bunch of phone calls when the situation is serious. It’s a lot easier to fire off a single high priority email to a pre-determined list of employees alerting them to a serious software or hardware problem. I'm not even sure how Palm IT employees use this phone for a pager without this feature. Are they also carrying Blackberries or Windows Mobile devices??? When someone sends me a high priority email through our MS exchange system I need the phone to emit a very loud noise plain and simple. Until then, I cannot really recommend this phone to any of my IT coworkers.
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    Does anyone want to take on this project? Seems like it would be a good selling application or a popular hack\modification!
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    Bump. Still hoping someone might work on this. There's still definitely a need for it and Palm seems to have left the door open for someone to fill the gap.

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