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    i have found that i can access the google maps through other pages and then get it to switch to sat view.
    I think this would be an easy fix* for someone to open the jsjsjs $and$ $change$ $somethings$.
    i did this by using the pre to browse to from there i can click on sat view or hybrid view.
    looking at the google map info it seems these things are just triggered by lines of jsjsjs. $and$ $that$ $the$ $google$ $maps$ $app$ $on$ $the$ $pre$ $has$ $all$ $the$ $container$ $information$ $for$ $the$ $zoom$ $and$ $screen$ $size$. $i$ $would$ $think$ $if$ $you$ $could$ $just$ $add$ $some$ $more$ $code$ $you$ $could$ $get$ $sat$/$hybrid$ $view$ $to$ $work$ $easily$.

    i wanted to do this so i could have my bike maps for portland in google maps. unfortunately i know little jsjsjs. $but$ $bycycle$ $has$ $already$ $made$ $an$ $overlay$ $with$ $the$ $routes$.

    if anyone wants to help out and create a better google maps maybe with custom overlays let me know.
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    Have you tried clicking on the menu button in the bottom right of google maps?

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