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    So, I've got the SDK installed per the instructions, including Eclipse with WebOS and Aptana plugins. I've successfully built the Hello World and have it and various sample apps running in the emulator. But I'm new to Eclipse and Javascript and I can't for the life of me figure out how to enable Javascript and XHTML code hilighting/code completion in Eclipse.

    Any clues?
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    When you're in Eclipse and you have your project open, right click on one of your .jsjsjs $files$ $and$ $select$ &$quot$;$Open$ $With$ ---&$gt$; $Aptana$ $JS$ $Editor$&$quot$;. $Once$ $you$ $do$ $that$ $it$ $should$ $open$ $all$ .$js$ $files$ $in$ $this$ $view$ $and$ $you$ $should$ $have$ $code$ $highlighting$. $Just$ $learned$ $this$ $one$ $at$ $PreDevCamp$ $yesterday$!!!!
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    Not 10 minutes after I posted the question above, Eclipse notified me that there were updates available - which included the Aptana Javascript, CSS, etc. editors. Everything's working now. Sweet.
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    Simple, switch to Komodo editor with Austin's utterly amazing webos ide. and dump eclipse.
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    What are the advantages of using Komodo vs Eclipse? I'm new to the whole WebOS game, a novice programmer who learned FORTRAN in the late 1980's but hasn't kept up with modern tools, and am looking for the simplest way to get into WebOS programming...willing to try anything that makes life easier.

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