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    Well, I know it can't be too easy, but when I run the command I found on the wiki:

    gst-launch alsasrc ! wavenc ! filesink location=/media/internal/ringtones/1.mp3

    It allows me to record and it saves to my ringtones to be listened too.. so what is stopping someone from making the app, it'd be super cool to have, but I honestly don't know how to do it.

    If someone made the app, it would be really helpful to me and I'm sure a bunch others.. thanks.
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    I'd love to see this as well. It would be nice if voice memos could be integrated into the memo app.
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    This immediately makes me ask the question, "if its just that easy (from the command line), why didn't they include such a basic app as Voice Recorder?"

    All someone has to do is figure out how to run these commands via Mojo.
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    Yeah, i really don't understand why it wasn't implemented by palm... maybe they are trying to save as much space as possible.. lol
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    I actually can run mVoice 4.5.4 within Classic, recording to the "SD Card" and can listen to it in the Pre's Music app.

    It's buggy but it works, though not nearly as well as a webOS/native app would.
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    lol, i dont want classic, i didnt buy a webos powered phone to run palmos
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    Others are working on the app etc ... The method is still kinda glitchy but we are working this and video out.. We gotta find out how to make it end the process correctly
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    The correct way to do it to get the music play to play back would be to do

    gst-launch alsasrc ! wavenc ! filesink location=/media/internal/ringtones/1.wav
    Because gstreamer is enconding the file in wav.

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